Ways to navigate complex times


We each have the 5 elements within us, as known in the ancient understandings from acupuncture theory. By working with each element we can find the positive expression of them in health, relationships and business.

Here is a brief summary:

? Fire: do you feel energised, excited, enthusiastic, want to laugh or feel drained, depressed, lacking in hope, dampened down or tired?

? Earth: do you feel rooted, nourished, solid and grounded or disconnected, wobbly or worried about the future?

✨ Metal: do you feel flexible, free, able to breathe, connected to spirit, or sad want to cry, that you are holding-on or regretful?

? Water: maybe you have feelings of flowing, good boundaries and gentleness, or fear and anxiety?

? Wood: do you feel as though you want to get going, move forward, that you hold a dream or do you feel resentful, irritated, angry, as though you can’t get on or feel ‘stuck-in-the-mud’.

Kinesiology is a blend of Chinese traditional medicine with its understanding of energy in the body and modern chiropractic practice, with its knowledge of muscles and bones and how they move. Muscle testing is at the core of kinesiology. It is a gentle, non invasive way of getting a direct feedback from the body, mind and energy systems. Creative Kinesiology works on the whole person and recognizes that we are made up of our stories; our life experiences contribute to who we are today. Not all of our past is helpful or supportive to life right now. By releasing unwanted or unhelpful results of our life experiences (whatever they are), the body, mind and energy systems are able to find a new zest for life and reach full potential.

We believe that health should be accessible to all and are happy to discuss your needs if you feel like finances might be a barrier to participation.


Using the theory of
the five elements
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Ways to navigate complex times