Ways to navigate complex times

Ride the Wave of Your Business Success

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The 4000 year old 5 element understandings from acupuncture that build a map allowing us to navigate growth, with prompts from the natural world.We each have the 5 elements within us, as known in the ancient understandings from acupuncture theory. By working with each element we can find the positive expression of them in health, relationships and business.Here is a brief summary:

? Fire: do you feel energised, excited, enthusiastic, want to laugh or feel drained, depressed, lacking in hope, dampened down or tired?

? Earth: do you feel rooted, nourished, solid and grounded or disconnected, wobbly or worried about the future?

✨ Metal: do you feel flexible, free, able to breathe, connected to spirit, or sad want to cry, that you are holding-on or regretful?

? Water: maybe you have feelings of flowing, good boundaries and gentleness, or fear and anxiety?

? Wood: do you feel as though you want to get going, move forward, that you hold a dream or do you feel resentful, irritated, angry, as though you can’t get on or feel ‘stuck-in-the-mud’.

How to begin to apply this understanding to ‘ride the wave’ of your business success- spoiler- it is not all about do do do! How these understandings may show up in your health and your relationships both within business and at home.

Your business journey - using the theory of the five elements to enhance your business

Practice management for complimentary health practitioners course

This is a creative course with a difference, and is designed to help practitioners of kinesiology or any complimentary therapy or natural health practice to successfully manage and grow their business. A key aim is to help the practitioner to know what they are offering as a therapist and to get that message out across the airwaves. The course will be covering aspects of getting your business going, what you need to know if you are a new practitioner, as well as maintaining and nurturing your holistic business.

Ways to navigate complex times