A note on the seasonal times…

As the Water element of Winter start to feeds the rising sap, into the Wood element of Spring, what new growth are you tending, what would you like to create and take action on in 2022?
As we plant seeds of intention, it’s good to remember:
? When a seed germinates, it first sends down a root, to help anchor the new growth when it comes. On the surface it looks like nothing is happening. TRUST is needed here.
❄ New growth needs tending with softness and protection in case of unexpected weather, on any level.
? To keep the Wood Element moving, name new growth areas, plans, firm up visions for the year ahead and make a plan of how to ‘make it happen’.
❄ Expect the unexpected, us humans are mere small grains of sand in the vastness of all possibilities.

Still Winter

The temperature this evening shows we are still, just, in Winter. The sharpness in the air met by the beauty of our sickle Moon. The blue of the sky reminding me of the Water element which we can really work with now, in this season (and in all seasons really, tho the seasonal wave brings added oompft).
May you rest well tonight and fill up with trust in places where fear may have taken a hold.
(Geese honking their approval on their way home to the local lake for the night, as I write this post).