Focus on what’s precious

A couple of times this last week it has felt, to me, like we are transitioning out of Late Summer and into Autumn. The dewey mornings, the cooler evening temperatures, the feeling in my lungs (one of the autumnal meridians) as the cold air catches a little on the morning dog walk, and of course the drawing in of the evenings.
Although not a royalist, the grief that many are feeling is very much of the lung meridian.
In the Five Element map this is a move from the Earth element (feeling nurtured, nourished and fully present) into the Metal element (feeling clearer, more focused and wanting to ‘clear out the metaphorical and actual cupboards’). The ‘feeding’ cycle of the five elements shows that with the progression of the seasons, comes the cycle of the elements. In this cycle Earth gives up its ores to create metal- the precious/semiprecious gems and minerals arise out of the belly of the Earth. This is a precious gifting.
This weekend let’s look around and focus on what is precious, what we feel blessed by, what do we really appreciate in our lives.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
And sending love to those who are feeling loss and grief, either current, or re-emerging from the past,
Sarah-Jayne ? ✨❤️


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